Dimai Lighting

Customer first, quality - oriented

dedication to hard work and innovation


    Dimai lighting is located in the new national brand enterprises, mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of modern style lighting products, widely used in the field of home decoration and engineering decoration. The company's business includes light source driven research and development.Lighting hardware accessories manufacturing, lighting paint processing and finished lighting assembly.As an advocate of light - asset lighting industry, the company has always been adhering to With the user as the core, based on different segmentation scenarios, different crowd characteristics and different consumption habits, it creates more comfortable and healthy for users.Style lighting light environment.

    The company adopts the mode of independent research and development, mass production, and has applied for more than 150 lighting patents.Five factories located in Zhongshan have the whole lighting industry chain product production Capacity, annual revenue of more than 200 million yuan. The company's product sales to brand franchised stores franchise mode, while multi-channel through online and offline sales.In home soft installation, online platform operation, offline brand operation, international Professional team and successful experience in trade and other fields.


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    Through years of development, the company has professional teams and successful experience in home furnishings, online platform store operation, offline brand operation, international trade and other fields, with more than 300 employees and annual revenue of hundreds of millions of yuan.

    Corporate Philosophy

Brand vision:Become the national brand of lighting industry

Rooted in 5,000 years of Chinese traditional culture,Through the design,let the material,shape

and color become the carrier to convey the confidence of Chinese culture.

Enterprise missionBrighten every family's day

Light up a lamp,illuminate the family in the heart of the sense of belonging,to meet people's yearning for a better life.

Business philosophyHonest and trustworthy, to create a win-win siituation

Our commitment to customers,employees, real,say to do, work together to create value,harvest results.

Valus:Customer first,quality, dedication and innovation

Customers are the only reason we exist. Create value for customers with quality.


A total of more than 100 exclusive patent certification

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